Lambay Un-Earthed


Discover ‘Lambay Un-Earthed,’ a limited-edition art piece born from a unique collaboration with Lambay Irish Whiskey Company, capturing the essence and hidden wonders of Lambay Island through the mystique of its volcanic porphyry rock. This exclusive artwork invites you into a world where the beauty of nature meets the craftsmanship of whiskey production. Watch a short interview about how it all started here 


David Norton’s “Lambay Un-Earthed” captures the intricate beauty of Lambay Island. This volcanic island off Dublin’s coast is the inspiration behind the artwork. The collaboration with Lambay Irish Whiskey Company celebrates both geological beauty and artistic excellence. It features Lambay’s rare porphyry rock, known for its unique textures.

David’s journey to Lambay allowed him to hand-select this distinctive stone. Back in his studio, he employed his macro photography skills to expose its detailed patterns. This process highlights the rock’s aesthetics and showcases Norton’s ability to uncover the sublime hidden in the natural world.

This limited edition print series, titled “Lambay Un-Earthed,” consists of only 10 exclusive pieces. Each print invites viewers into the rugged landscape of Lambay Island. The artwork does more than provide a visual experience—it prompts an exploration of Ireland’s rich natural and cultural heritage.

Art and nature enthusiasts can delve further into this collaboration here. A dedicated microsite and a short film detail the artwork’s creation process. These resources deepen the viewer’s connection with the art, enhancing their understanding of its background and significance.

For those interested in this exclusive artwork, additional information and a view of the art-making process are available on Lambay Whiskey’s official website. Explore the fascinating story behind “Lambay Un-Earthed.”

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